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April's Woman of the Month - Shenee Savoury

And we're back! This month we have Ms. Shenee Savoury of Savoury Cosmetics!  Ready! Here we go...

EB: Tell the readers your name
SS: Shenee Savoury

EB: What is your day job?
SS: I am currently enrolled in school to obtain my esthetician license. I also do hair on the side at my mother's salon located in Harlem.

EB: What made you start your business?
SS: Ha! Being brought up in a salon, it was so natural to me. I love it! Making people happy by doing something I love. No question about why I would want to start.

EB: How long have you been in business?
SS: I have always been helping my mother growing up, so doing hair isn't new, but I started selling lashes online in about 2018, then transitioned back to protective styles completely in 2019/2020.

EB: What makes your business different from others?
SS: The quality of my work, The way I make you feel when you're in my chair, the conversations we have, the comfort, everything. People naturally gravitate towards me, and that makes it even better!

EB: What kind of impact do you have/expect to have on your community?
SS: I want everyone to know that you don't need a million bucks to look and feel good! I want black businesses to continue booming within our communities; let's bring out the best in each other by showing genuine support.

EB: How has your business been affected by the pandemic?
SS: The business has definitely slowed down because of the pandemic; it has made people isolate more and this is a field where you have to be very hands-on and close, but globally, 6 ft a part. It's been tough! But things are picking back up.

EB: How do you practice self-care?
SS: I practice self-care by taking a morning drive to my favorite smoothie spot, listening to music while sitting in my car, making a well-seasoned bubble bath, and watching a movie on my laptop while drinking a glass of wine. Anything that I feel will make me happy at the moment is self-care for me. Doing things alone, being at peace, self-care.

EB: What would you like people to know about your business?
SS: Savoury Cosmetics is going to become a household name. Mark my words. I will be doing everything from Braids, Locs, Weaves, Lashes, Waxing, Facials, Vajacials & More! Stay Tuned!!!

To learn more about Shenee Savoury and the soon to be household name, check her out on IG @savourycosmetics! Book an appointment too! I know you want to! 

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