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Bassy Collection: More Than A Brand



        A few weeks ago, a family friend, who also has a business, engaged his Instagram audience in a conversation about Logos.  The question was, what logo resonates with you and why?  The query immediately took me back to when I was designing the Bassy Collection Logo.  It took me quite a long time to decide on what I wanted it to look like and the message I wanted to convey.  Although it has changed a smidge over the years, the meaning and symbolling remains.  I thought this would be a great time to introduce myself, tell you what my response was to the question, and let you in on what Bassy Collection has to offer you.

 My response was:

     The anchor in the logo represents unshakable principles, strength, and stability. The crown represents endless growth and a relentless desire to succeed. A reminder to keep your head high. How else will you steady your crown? When people see the Bassy Collection logo, I want them to be proud of who they are now and who they are becoming on the journey. 

      Because it is a journey; who we are is forever evolving.  I, for sure, am not the same person I was ten years ago when I first had serious thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur.  I'm not the same person I was nine years ago when I conducted my first street sale in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Back then, I was obsessed with making jewelry, and my business name was Bassy's Belle.  All the while, developing my skills in other areas; sewing, fashion design, and crochet. I started off working in the hair and fashion industries. I gravitated toward all things creative.  Anything I could learn by using my hands and engaging people made a huge impact. I switched over to social services to feed my desire to help people because, along with creativity, it's at the core of who I am.  

     Many moons later, here we are. I am embarking on a new journey, or should I say revisiting a path not fully actualized.  Bassy Collection is a combination of all my desires and experiences.  Bassy Collection is more than a brand; it's s a community.  Calling all the Bold, Authentic, Sincere, Successful by their own definition to be all that makes you…You! No one can take that from you. As you go forth on your own journey, I hope you do and act in accord with what resonates with you.  





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