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My People!

What is going on in the world? 2020 is looking and feeling like something I’ve read in books. It’s gross; I don’t like it. It forces growth; I looooove that!  Do you know what else I love? Black-owned businesses. Outside of purchasing items (much appreciated in advance), here’s a shortlist of what you can do to support black-owned businesses and each other:


  • Please don’t ask for a discount. In most cases, prices are not excessive. The amount is for a decent profit. If things are not up to your standard or fitting your price range, move on
  • Provide honest feedback on items purchased. DO NOT DRAG A BUSINESS / OWNER/             ENTREPRENEUR. Learning is part of the process, and there are ways to communicate without defamation.  – I’m happy to provide a template
  • Tag/Repost/Share merchandise you love or think someone else might have an interest in. Spread it all around. 
  • Don’t just scroll, engage, tell us what you need and want. Suggestions help a whole lot 


  • Provide a quality product (quality is relative; however, you should be able to stand by your product). If you wouldn’t wear or use it? Should you sell it? Just sayin’
  • Customer service needs to be on point. Pleases, thank yous and problem-solving
  • If you can, switch it up. Keep it new and exciting. 
  • Engage your community. Be the social in social media. – I could use the practice here
  • Don’t make demands for sales. There’s a thin line between selling and obnoxious


        It’s been on my mind, and I hope this helps or at the least gives you something to consider. We are activated! I feel great things coming. I want to see us win. I am manifesting growth in your pockets and wherever you need it. 

Have I missed anything? Drop it down below. 

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  • The responsibility is definitely on both ends so I’m glad you highlighted that. Once the trust can be established and maintained on both end I think we’ll be good. It’s funny how much we have to recondition ourselves just to do what other races do naturally. I love the narrative. Great post EB!

    Jay B

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