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December's Woman of the Month - Perquida Payne, LMSW

          They say you can't complain about having a lot on your plate when the goal is to eat.  Perquida Payne is raising two boys, a licensed social worker, and a Training and Professional Development Coordinator. She's also a Birth Worker; Doula, Breast Feeding Counselor, Child Birth Educator, a Love Coach, Bedroom Kandi rep, Relationship and Sexuality Advocate, Consultant, and Event Planner. She has a podcast, Moms Unplugged, is in the process of writing a trauma-informed sex-ed book for parents and children, and a student, studying for her doctorate in social work. A long ass list and a heavy plate indeed, with full intention to eat.

          Somehow, even with her heavy plate, there might be room for more endeavors.  For many, the question might be, why? Why do so much?  And the answer is, having something to say that people want to hear AND resonates with so many.  People can relate to parenting; during a pandemic while having career demands and goals beyond the scope of motherhood.  And if you look closely, you can see that although it is a long list of titles and projects, one informs the other.  Her skillset might be an employer's dream, but ultimately it is Perquida's dream, and regardless of what's going on, she's got a stronghold in 2020. - "As much as I do, I feel stuck; I'm not doing enough." "The pandemic has slowed me down and focused me in certain ways, and I've been creatively stuck." Understandably so, all things considered. 

           Working mostly from home, while the kids are virtually learning, being a parent and a student, the real questions are where and how do you find the balance? "I don't call it balance because this is not the season of balance for me." No more real words have been said all year, and it happens to be the same for so many. However, balanced or the lack thereof, there are designated times in all their schedules explicitly reserved for the family to ensure that she is still showing up for her children, just the same as she is showing up for herself. This is not an easy fete, especially while trying to raise emotionally intelligent and sexually aware children. "I have sons; if I had daughters, it would be the same conversation. I want them to understand how the body works". Listen, Perquida has been called to inform. Talks about how the body works and body autonomy are some of the same discussions that she has during her coaching sessions with sometimes misinformed adults. It's all relevant and necessary. No more than ever, during pandemics of all kinds slathered on thick in our lives like we need anything else.

            If anything, 2020 has been the year of make or break. Guess who's not broken? Even with a schedule jammed pack to the high heavens... Perquida soon to be called Dr. Payne! In truth, this write-up doesn't really pack the meat of our conversation, but as always, LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, KEEP IN TOUCH WITH HER on all platforms to learn more.




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