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February's Woman of the Month - Ingrid Murray

         Ingrid Murray is a mood and a movement! Educated in Jamaica, with a background in accounting, being a wife and mother of 5, C.E.O., Ingrid is a woman who is always willing to bet on herself and win.  What was meant to be a visit to the States back in 2009 turned into the beginning of a love story that birthed Prospect Cleaning Services, among other things.

          Having a thriving cleaning business did not happen overnight, however. Learning the business by researching cleaning companies, taking courses at the Cleaning and Managing Institute in carpet cleaning and restoration and The Carpet and Rug Institute, to name a few, educating herself on the industry was a necessary part of the process. Why? Because winning requires preparation. And in 2013, all the prep work proved to be worth it.  The company's transition to Ingrid from her husband was with the agreement that if she doubled the revenue within the first year. The result was revenue going from "77,000, to 176,00 within the first year".  She doubled the profit and exceeded expectations. Income has not stopped rising since. *Teach us your ways, Ingrid*

Fast forward to 2020 (the year of doom for most of us), COVID dealt many a lousy hand, but Ingrid used her business savvy, experience, and innate desire to win, to propel her business' growth more than it ever has since its inception. Securing a multi-figure deal with the M.T.A. that sealed the deal proves why she's worthy of every award, accolade, and honorable mention she has received.  I am a firm believer in your time being divine; what's for you will never pass you. 2020 shined a light on Prospect Cleaning Services.  However, as a serial entrepreneur, I'm sure that Ingrid would have been successful at anything she chose to venture.   Whether it was Prospect Cleaning or any of the others she has started and managed over the years, she was bound to for success, as she puts maximum effort into anything that she does.  Her first business was a hair salon. She has also been a nail tech; she's taken courses in plumbing, was a cab driver, a wedding singer, and in a nutshell, a natural-born hustler.

She has so much on her plate; the real question is how she manages to do all that she does, all while being a wife and mother.  Her answer is "learning how to delegate and having a strong team around." In the beginning, she was "the C.E.O., one of the cleaners, the secretary, the project manager, operations manager," name the role, and she played it. Now with the growth of the business, she was able to hire more team members. Not only to help keep the Tri-State area clean but as a way to keep the community employed.  Ingrid is blessed in so many ways, and she doesn't shy away from extending a hand back.  A true embodiment of a B.A.S.S.Y. woman.  Bold in her ability to take a risk, authentic in her constant desire to explore life and what it has to offer, sincere in helping a community to thrive in tough times, successful in her ability to get the bag, all while being exactly who she is!


For more information on Ingrid Murray or how to be apart of the Prospect Cleaning Services team, go to prospectcleaningnyc.com and follow her on Instagram @prospectcleaning             

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  • I been following Ingrid on Facebook for about 5 years…I have definitely seen a woman evolving into the most amazing woman that I know. I look for bigger and better things from her and I enjoy her energy and tenacity!!!! She won’t disappoint you and always a kind person.

    Focus Clean

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