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January's Woman of the Month - Author Deara Chane'l


       Deara Chane'l is a prime example of perseverance. A warehouse material handler by day and writer by night, Deara has been writing since she was a young girl after receiving a diary from her mom. Writing has been a passion of hers from that moment, or as she would put it, "the pen and paper have been my best friends ever since." "God gave me a gift to tell stories. It's my purpose. That's why I write and share my experiences. It's a must". While some of us need the motivation to write, Deara doesn't draw much from inspiration; she developed her practice in her yearning for the craft. "I have to like I have to breathe. I have to eat. I also have to write".

          A different approach rooted in mastery over motivation is an approach we can all afford to apply to life, especially now as we are remarkably still in a pandemic. I regress, but like others, Deara struggled like the rest of us. "My husband was stuck in Nigeria, West Africa, for four months at the beginning of this pandemic. I was devastated. I was barely holding it together. Now that he is back, I am relieved. It might sound messed up, but the world can end. As long as my husband is by my side, I'm cool". Alexa play "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker! A sentiment we can all understand. Who are we, without the people that we love? The love between Deara and her husband is evident and just another example of how to push through.  

         Her story "The Road to Phoenix "fleshes out her entire story. Being a teen mom, continuing school, despite being alone, finishing school, AND receiving her Bachelor's in Business Management through it all. While not an unusual story, it is her unique brand of success that she honors through her writing. I personally love a story of pushing through it all, especially when it comes from a Black Woman!

For more information about Deara Chanel, her book, and her wonderful family, you can reach her on the following platforms:


IG: @inmytone

FB: dearachanel

LinkedIn: Adeara Chavis

YouTube: Hi! I'm Deara Chane'l

Email: inmytone@writeme.com



Make sure to get your digital or physical copy on Amazon or through her website!

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  • First let me commend you on your can’t stop won’t stop attitude. I must also praise your love for your husband. I know that all too well. Keep pushing my sister I look forward to reading your book as well.
    Let us continue to support each other.
    Great job Esther!

    Ingrid Murray

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