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July’s Woman of the Month - Latrice Samuel

        In a word, I'd describe Latrice Samuel as dynamic. An actress, model, real estate agent and entrepreneur, and I'm sure skilled at many more with a bit of probing. She dares to do whatever she wants and gets it done. Saying that she does all these things minimizes the effort, but let me brag on her for a bit. She started her brand Garçon Manque (French for tomboy) in 2014, acting and voice-over work came in 2017, modeling last year and real estate somewhere in between alladat. Showing up for herself, she tried it and landed gigs. She tried and made a brand. What's the worst that could happen? Trying is never a bad thing. Being yourself is lucrative," and that's who she is at all times; she finds that being herself and using her life experiences is the tool she needs to manifest her success. Latrice has a cool confidence that helps her make her decisions; although not always easy, it guides her way. During our conversation, There were a lot of "why nots?" and indeed, why not? Why not you? Why not now? Why are you not taking the leap? I aspire, Ms Samuel, I aspire! 
 Her influence is waaaay beyond her. Latrice is reaching tomboys worldwide in countries as far as Guadalupe and the Ivory Coast; she continues to make an impact. She broke into the industry through her brand and continues to show up for herself, modeling and acting, proving that at any age, doing what's best for you as your authentic self is always a win. She finds peace in self-care routines, including a skin care regimen and occasionally playing basketball. Her message is simple. Be you and remember that 
"You don't have to say yes to everything; learn to listen to your inner compass. If it doesn't feel right, then don't do it". 
   I like the sound of her drum! 
For more information about Latrice Samuel, follow her @iamlatricesamuel @garconmanqueworld

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