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June’s Woman of the Month - Nurah Ahmad

       When it comes to skin Nurah Ahmed is in my top ten. Although she started Elated Skin just a year ago, she's not new to the business, but don't take my word for it, check out what she has to say! 

Nurah Ahmed


What is your day job?
Director of College Counseling

What made you start your business?

    I started my business because taking care of my skin is something that I enjoy. You can't avoid blemishes and skin issues, but you can take care of your skin as best as you can. Elated skin will help you do that.

How long have you been in business?

One year, but I've been into skincare for a very long time.  I started on YouTube but it's no longer the platform for me. 

What makes your business different from others? A skincare line that is simple yet effective, using handmade, a small batch method and including only natural ingredients. You can achieve glowing skin without all the steps. We keep it simple and give you what you need without the chemicals.

What impact do you have/expect to have on your community?
Simple is better; you don't have to do too much to have an effect. Consistency is what's most important.

How do you practice self-care?

Using my skincare products, taking care of myself, spending the day dedicated to beauty, doing a facial, doing my nails, whether at home or going to the salon, and taking myself out to eat are my main ways of resetting and catering to myself.

What would you like people to know about your business? Message?
Don't be afraid to try my products, a simple natural skincare line. Less is more, and consistency is critical. My products will be great if you're here for the long run. But, if you're looking for instant gratification, it's not for you. Great skin is a lifestyle, not a single event. But, with a bit of time and consistency, you can have glowing skin.


For more on Nurah and Elated Skin, check her out on her site:elatedskin.com or on IG: elatedskin



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