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March’s Woman of the Month - Amina Marshall

      This month we finish strong. Our woman of the month is the one and only Amina Marshall of Ultimate Fitness, Ultimate Kitchen, Ultimate everything!!! Amina is a  mother and a phenomenal businesswoman. I've been impressed with Amina since about 98'. Now's your chance to see why and what's she's all about.  

          Amina started Ultimate Fitness in 2015, laying the groundwork for about 2 years before taking her passion to corporate gyms, where she perfected her craft. Knowing when to take a leap and when to fall back to ensure your desired outcome is something to be said. Once she learned all that she needed to, "it's been ten toes down since then ."  She's a meal prep coach, chef, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor,
 Entrepreneur and a helluva human being. I think it's essential to brag about your friends if you can't tell!
        Since the beginning of 2021, Amina has been back on her Ultimate Fitness grind, including Ultimate Kitchen, and is hoping to expand and grow the brand past meal prep. Hopefully, it'll be in a supermarket near you one day soon! I could ramble on, but I want you to check her resume. Talk to anyone she's worked with and trained, and I guarantee they will say she is ultimately impressive. Do you like what I did there? The takeaway is that regardless of what your scale says, the objective is not to fit beauty standards outside of what you envision for yourself. It's a matter of being truly comfortable in your being and in excellent health.

To learn more about Amina, follow here @ultimatefitness4life on IG and FB and on her site  uf4l.com


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