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May's Woman of the Month - China Phillips

At 23, Chine Phillips knows precisely what she wants out of life and is definitely getting it. As the owner and creator of The Haus of Chine, she's been honing her skills for over ten years now, but let's take it back to where it all started.
          Receiving her first sewing machine in the 7th grade, Chine began upcycling and making tee, hoodies and jackets for her own use and continued to do so throughout high school. However, after high school, she put the sewing machine away *gasp* to pursue a degree in Informatics with a minor in Computer Science/User interface experience. Although her passion is in designing clothes, Chine gave in to the idea that making clothes would be a waste of her time and brilliance as many thought she was too "book smart" to be making clothes.  As I see it, either way, she would be a success. Fast forward to her junior year in college, Chine began thinking about how her life and if her degree would provide her with the life she had always envisioned. Coupled with the hit of COVID the following year, the answer was no. Instead, it prompted her to get back to sewing and get her design certification from The New School. The truth is you can't run from what's meant for you.

        Chine launched the Haus of Chine officially in November 2019. It only included reworked clothing at its inception due to a lack of resources, but she was able to gather resources and build capital over time. With the help of her mom, she was able to secure a space to learn, practice and grow. She made custom pieces and developed her style and brand by practicing on herself. Once she was secure in her abilities, she started offering her services to clientele in the summer of 2021. Since then, she has been booked and busy.

       Ms. Phillip's brand is all-inclusive for all sizes and all occasions and most recently has started designing for men. Her goal is to inspire youth, especially those in her neighborhood, to pursue their goals and remain faithful to plan A. She is spreading the message of doing what makes you happy instead of doing what other people would like you to do. The slogan "do you for you" reminds us to live life on our terms. Chine's an example of how it's done, not only through her business but also by teaching what she knows at the ABGS middle school program, where she teaches her students how to use sewing tools, the sewing machine, and rework old garments. I'm impressed!

       To learn more about Chine Phillips of the Haus of Chine, follow her on IG @blvckchina or @thochine, and be sure to place your custom order at thehausofchine.com.

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