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Shifting in 2020

 Typically Bassy Collection's Woman of the Month would be someone else; anyone else as The Woman of the Month highlights other women in the community doing their thang! But the way things are going (Global Pandemic and all, just in case for some odd reason you are unaware), I've been forced to shift, as many of us have, big and small businesses included. But now that we're here, here's a quick update. 

            I got the 'Rona y'all! How? I was in constant proximity to someone positive unbeknownst to them or me. Was I tested? No. Did I have all the symptoms and more? YES, and it was the PITS! What saved me? Virtual visits with my doc, my Mama, care packages and multiple calls/ mostly texts because speaking was painful and unbearable

The Gentle and not so gentle reminders I needed: 

A. If you want to be better, you have to make it so. You cannot lay down for 'Rona or anything and expect a miracle. That bitch will kick your ass unapologetically and tell you that you asked for it. Defend yourself! 

B. Pain is temporary, like most things in life. Go through it. You will get to the other side. 

C. Modern medicine is not my first choice, but it is Amaaaaaaazing! Thank God for science, the field of medicine, and those who studied it for my benefit. 

D. Queen, you are not as young as you used to be, and you must take better care of yourself. 16-year-old me would have moonwalked through this. 36 year old me couldn't get out of bed and dramatically reflected on life. * Alexa play Nobody's Supposed to Be Here ('Rona Remix) *. 

          Your health being compromised temporarily or not makes you realize how much you could be doing right now and how much you need to take it easy, especially on yourself. Do you see the conflict? Social media will trick you into believing that this downtime should produce a house, at least two cars, and infinite cash flow; if that's your reality kudos.  But it's not the reality for most. Please don't stress during this time. My advice is to do what you're moved to do. If your spirit calls for rest, then rest. If it calls for action, act. Whatever's good for your soul. 

           Either way, if you're reading this, I hope you are well. I hope your family is well. I wish you health, creativity, and abundance in whatever form(s) you need it most. I'm here working, creating even will be sharing it all very soon.  In the meantime, shop the collection, check back for regular updates, keep in touch, join the BASSY community, subscribe to the newsletter, send a message, check out Bassy  Couture our handmade sister brand, and of course, read about previous women of the month. Till next time stay healthy and safe!

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