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Women of the Month - Chef Andrea and Dilce of Chef Dilce and Co.

   Picture it. The 90’s in Boston, the smell of katchupa, couscous, bacalao, rice and beans, a variety of stews, cube steak, potatoes, red wine braised beef stuffed shells, cornbread fried chicken, mac and cheese. Is it Thanksgiving? Possibly. Or any given day at the home of Chef Dilce and Co growing up. The immersion of Cape Verdean and American Soul Food has been an influence on what helps this sister chef duo serve taste buds that will leave you wanting more. 

             With a background in event planning and a Le Corden Bleu Culinary education between them, it’s no surprise that they have been serving and shaping palates officially since Fall 2012.  What sets them apart from other businesses is their passion for food and their focus on variety and health. Food is more than a necessity for life, but an experience meant to nourish and preserve it.  Let’s face it, with the continued emergence of fast, convenient and labels filled with ambiguous ingredients, it’s a pleasure to know that people still care about food as a craft and a source of vitality. 

           Having such influences at home, it’s no wonder that Dilce began studying the culinary arts in high school before continuing to culinary school. She’s always been creative, who prefers hands-on learning, and it is what ultimately led her to work in food and entertainment. There was no other path to be taken. She is living the life that she envisioned. Her expertise is in French and modern American Foodcuisine, but she doesn’t shy away from learning and creating new dishes as part of her repertoire. Chef Andrea (the other half of Chef Dilce and Co), although not professionally trained, honed her skills in her mom’s kitchen. She has an in-depth knowledge of Cape-Verdean cuisine and fully skilled in other areas. Her specialty is in using food as a means of improving health. Her focus on health led her to a Pescatarian lifestyle, and recently, she has transitioned to Veganism. All the while, not compromising nutrition or taste.  Being able to cook when you live the lifestyle comes from a very different place then being able to make it from following instructions alone. 

           For Chef Dilce and Co, it’s essential to provide food from across the spectrum of choices. Standard eating? Check. Pescatarian? covered. Vegan. Not a problem. Do you need a caterer?  Get in touch! Are you starting a fast? Juicing? All covered. 

          To find out more about what Chef Andrea and Dilce are serving, check out their website chefdilceandco.com and follow them on Instagram at ChefDilceandCo and ThatsChef_An_drea to be in the loop on all things delicious.

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